The Ultimate Guide To Throwing Your Dog A Birthday Party!

Your dog is a valued member of your family, of course, so why not treat him/her the same when it comes to his birthday?

Your dog is a valued member of your family, of course, so why not treat him/her the same when it comes to his/her birthday?  Whether or not his/her birthday is an actual one or an adopt-aversary, choose a date that works for you and your family and make it his/her official birthday.  This is the day that you will celebrate your dog in an all-out fashion!  Take a look below for some budget-friendly, dog-ish ways to make the birthday celebration absolutely perfect.


Make invitations for all invitees:
Make sure that you only invite people who actually like dogs (for obvious reasons), and don't be afraid to invite people who don't have dogs.  They'll have enough dogs to play with at the party!  When it comes to the dogs to invite, make sure it's clear that you are not looking to bring aggressive or skittish dogs to the party.



Your backyard:
Your backyard is a great familiar space for your dog to enjoy a party with all of his favourite people. Just clean it up in terms of any of your valuables and make sure that your fence is secure all around for the escape artists.


Dog parks:
If you don't want to use your backyard, consider the idea of a dog park so that you will be able to enjoy a dog-friendly space that is well fenced and maintained for you.  It means you'll have to bring all of the party to the park, but it's a great option.  You can even consider paying the owner to reserve the space for the day so that it'll be a great celebration with no uninvited guests.  Unless that your dog's thing.


Make a dog-friendly cake:
What's a party without a cake, right?  You can find all sorts of recipes online for a cake for your dog in terms of ingredients, so take a look at the different options online and find your favourite.  Don't panic, you can still make a traditional cake (though I'd stay away from chocolate just in case anyone sneaks nibbles in!) for the human guests.


Make all of the decoration dog-themed:
When it comes to paper plates, tablecloths, napkins and all of your other decor aspects, consider making them dog-themed.  You can make cupcakes or cookies in dog bone shapes, or use (new) dog bowls for serving treats and snacks.  Go for it and don't be afraid to go overboard with the dog theme.  Your dog certainly won't mind and your guests will love it.


Activity options:

  • Obstacle course
  • Waterpark
  • Fetch competition


Your dog's birthday deserves to be a celebration in true style to your dog, so allow these ideas to inspire you to plan the ultimate party that all dogs and humans are going to enjoy to the fullest.  It's a great option to really put a special touch on your dog's birthday, just like you would with a human.