How To Plan A Baby Shower

A baby shower can be a great fun affair for all involved. It's a time of excitement, happiness, a touch of nerves, and lots of great times with friends.

A baby shower can be a great fun affair for all involved. It's a time of excitement, happiness, a touch of nerves, and lots of great times with friends. So, when it comes to making sure that you make the most out of the baby shower that is coming your way, you need to know how to actually make the celebration, well, a celebration. Here are some tips so that the new mums party is going to be as perfect as you know it deserves to be. These are no hard rules, either, just guides to help you get started on the right foot!

Send the invites out early

With a baby shower, it's easy to forget someone. So, send out the invites as early as possible so that you can always make sure that you send out ones to anyone who got missed in the first slew of them. Make sure you get a full guest list from the new mum and make some additions of your own, too. Just make sure that you don't make it too large and make sure that the recipient of the party signs off on everyone coming! The last thing that you want at a baby shower is a catfight after all.

Invite all mums or make it for the whole family

It's a common Hollywood-fuelled misconception that baby showers are only for women. The thing is, you can have a baby shower that has all women, all mums, mums dads, or showers for the entire family. The invite list can contain anyone and everyone that you want it to, you just need to make sure that you are inviting the people who mean the most to the new mum and not for you, the planner.

The other thing is to make sure that it isn't 99% females and 1% males, or vice versa. Try to get an even lineup. Remember that it isn't your responsibility to see who shows up or doesn't, so just focus on making it as even as possible in the invite list.

Get the decor ready

Decor is one of the best things about the baby shower. You can have fun with bottles and little blankets as napkins. The point is to go all out with the decor and focus as much time as possible on the tiny details. All new mums will love it and it'll also really transform the space that you use for the party in the first place. You'll be on track to allow the new mum to reuse a lot of the nappies and other decor pieces that can be washed and make for some supplies that will certainly be needed in the time to come. Get some people to help you in the decor, as these small details – while important – can take a while to plan properly.

Don't make a surprise

This is an important thing to remember. A surprise party is great for a lot of things, but a baby shower is not one of them. A mum has a lot going on in her life when she's pregnant and control over her life is going to be a big thing. So, focus on the idea that you'll want to stay away from a surprise and make sure she knows what it's going to be like in decor and the invite list. If she wants to, and is able to, even let her control how the party is set up and the decor and everything else. Control is critical and she'll love to feel useful and pampered all at the same time!

Have some fun activities planned:

·      Nappy drawing:

·      Guessing the size of the tummy:

·      New mums advice question box:

Bring on the food:

At the risk of sounding indelicate, expectant mums love to eat. So, get some food in place and focus on it being pregnancy-friendly food. A great idea is to get it catered. Food is the important part for a party in terms of making it an enjoyable celebration, so go the extra mile and expense for this one part to make it memorable for the right reasons.

A baby shower is a lot of fun and when it is planned properly and carefully by you, the planner, you will be able to make sure that it stays as a fun and memorable experience for the new mum.