Everything You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Party

Planning a party can be stressful. Those last couple of moments until guests arrive, spent wondering if you have everything...

Planning a party can be stressful. Those last couple of moments until guests arrive, spent wondering if you have everything, and hoping that at least one person will show up… Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect party checklist so you could rest assured that everything was going to get done? Look no further. Celebration Planner has all the planning tools you need and our handy premade checklist make planning the perfect party, easy. 

Here’s our basic checklist, for any type of Celebration:

Pick a place
This doesn’t mean just choosing a location; there are other decisions to make before the place is decided upon.

  • Will this be a big or small event?
  • Do you want someone else to clean up after?
  • Is there a location that may match your theme?
  • Does the weather lend itself to having the party outside?

By answering these key questions, you’re ensuring the venue matches the party you want to have.

Decide on a theme
Now, this decision is usually up to you. However, if this party is going to be thrown in someone’s honour, make sure to consult them too. If it’s a grad, see if they want the traditional graduation party; if it’s a birthday for someone else that you’re planning, definitely involve them. If it’s a surprise, talk to the guest of honour’s close friends. Not all surprises are good surprises (read more about planning a surprise party here

Set a time and date
It’s understandable when you get in the party mood to want to party right then and there. However, don’t succumb to your party animal instincts – ensure you set a time and date with enough advance notice for your guests to be able to plan ahead and attend.

Decide on a budget
Planning out a budget is easier after deciding on a venue. Maybe you went big and rented out a whole building – in that case, you’re probably going to spend less on decorations. Planning on a house party? You can probably afford more decorations. By setting a budget, and setting aside money for each different aspect: food, decorations, etc., you can ensure this isn’t an event you’ll be paying for long after the guests leave.

Start picking your guests
This is one of the biggest rules of party planning. Only invite the guests that you, or the guest of honour, really want there. While it might seem like a party could be a great networking opportunity, or a chance to make amends with a person you’re at odds with, that’s not the case. A party loses its fun when you don’t really want those who are attending to be there.

Determine your party food
Based on the theme, it should be fairly easy to pick which type of food to serve. Search the Internet to find fun new recipes! You could even hold a tasting session with your closest friends or family to decide which to make for the big day.

What are you going to do?
Last but not least, you want to make sure you have a plan for the event. If you’re planning for people to sit around, talk, and eat, then organize your setup that way. If Guitar Hero or the dance floor is going to be your centrepiece, make adjustments accordingly. Don’t expect your guests to make their own fun. Most of the time they won’t.

There you have it – the perfect party. Don’t be discouraged if your party isn’t lively at the beginning; many people take some time to warm up before they’re ready to bust a move on the dance floor. By following these tips and being the first to get out there and show off your sprinkler, you will definitely end up throwing a party your friends will be talking about for months.

Our planning tools are here to help you keep everything on track and in one place. To start planning your next celebration sign up for your free account today!