6 Things to look for when booking a DJ for your next Celebration

Over 80% of people say that it's the entertainment that makes their Celebration one to remember, and that needs to be for the right reason!

Over 80% of people say that it's the entertainment that makes their Celebration one to remember, and that needs to be for the right reason! 

We all know a guy down the road who has a set of decks and can do it for £20. But is he experienced? For £20 we'd be surprised. 

You've probably at some point suffered at the hands of a lousy DJ. Playing the music they want to listen to, not your guests. Playing the music too loud it hurts and is distorted and don't get us started on the endless announcements mumbled down the mic. It's funny you can always hear 'buffet now open' though! 

So what 6 things should you be looking for and asking when booking a DJ for your next Celebration? 

1. Is the DJ even legal? 

DJs have to be legal...? Yes! You wouldn't book a chauffeur who didn't have a driving license or insurance, would you? 

So why book a DJ who doesn't have a licence to play music at your venue. A professional DJ will have a licence to play music (pro dub, if using music copied that they privately own onto formats for the specific purpose of using these copies in their professional working capacity) and valid public liability insurance in case of any accidents. 

2. Will your DJ play the music you and your guests like and want to dance to? 

There is nothing worse than sitting all night at a party and looking at an empty dance floor, even worse if you're the only one dancing on it! A good DJ will listen to your requirements (usually well before the party) and will advise you on the music selection too. They will also be able to read the dance floor and your guests, knowing what to play to keep the dance floor all night long. 

3. What kind of lighting and effects can you expect? 

Just like the music, the light show is also an essential part of creating the atmosphere. So take time to ask your DJ what type of lighting they provide and what you can expect on the night. Do you want the venue uplit? How about a mirror ball to add a sparkle? A laser light show? Or a smoke machine? It's your celebration so make it personal. Don't leave it all to chance, discuss this with your DJ before you make your booking. They will be more than happy to talk about the gear they have!

4. Have you given them enough time to set up and pack down? 

Each DJ has slightly different requirements and depending on the kit they are briding it can take some time to get it all into the venue, setup and tested. Again they need to take it all down at the end of the night and pack it all away. Most DJs will need between 1 and 2 hours before to set up and usually an hour to pack down. So if your venue has a closing time, make sure you allow your DJ time to pack up before they lock the doors. 

5. Have you talked about the dress code? 

Make sure you tell the DJ if there is a dress code or if you are expecting them in black tie etc. Most will usually set up in jeans and t-shirt before changing into something more appropriate for the night. But if your celebration has a specific dress code let them know beforehand. 

6. Do you want the DJ to make announcements or just play music? 

It's a personal choice really, and DJ are always happy to do either. Speak with them before the party, so they are clear on what you want from them. 

- Let the DJ know if they are to make announcements or just play music. 

- If you are making announcements or speeches etc., then make sure your DJ knows beforehand that you will need a mic and if it needs to be a radio mic etc. 

Going through these 6 simple, yet effective, steps with your DJ before your party will ensure it's a successful one, and one that your guests will remember for all the right reasons! 

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