5 Ideas to enhance your Party

Planning the best party ever comes down to making sure that you are using the right ideas when starting out.

Holding the best party ever comes down to making sure that you plan each part carefully and bringing it all together in everything you do. Maybe you've got a few smaller ideas but you're missing the glue that puts them all together or, maybe you have a theme idea, but you don't know how to perfect the planning stage. Whatever the occasion – birthday to a corporate event – take a look at some of our ideas to help you enhance your celebration. 

1. Use fruit as your dinnerware: A perfect starting point is to take a look at how you're serving your food and drink. Paper plates are soooo ten years ago, so step it up with the idea of using unique serving plates or personal food holders. This can be fruit, in which you scoop out the inside of an orange, watermelon, pineapple, etc and use them for drinks. You can make bread bowls for the meal, or, if you are serving burgers and hot dogs, why not use a cardboard baskets or other eco-friendly options.  When it comes to your dinnerware, think outside the box.

2. Use mood lighting to the fullest: When you are trying to get a party going, lighting is critical. Whether it's inside or outside, you'll want to use some variation of fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere. You can go with colourful themed paper lanterns, or unique with something like mason jars filled with fairy lights, or wine bottles, etc.

3. Get the music right beforehand: The key to a party – a wild rager, a tame birthday party, or anything in between – is the music. Take the time beforehand and get the playlist just right. This is an important step and don't be afraid to get people to help you if you need input. Put it all on an iPod or other players as a playlist and get it going before your guest arrive. You'll probably want to adjust the volume as time goes on. This will pump everyone up!

4. Try a photo booth: These have been successful in celebrations in the past where you use props, make a few of your own and frame it all together in a makeshift photo booth. These are so much fun and allow for ultimate memories that will get people's goofy side coming out.

5. Make pretty citronella candles: Mosquito and bee frenzies are never fun, so keep them at bay with citronella candles. Don't be afraid to dress them up in mason jars with some great decor options so that they'll look like it's a part of the decorations and still be as practical as you could hope for.

Creating an amazing party – no matter what that may mean for you – is as simple as having all of these details done properly. Pick your favourite and get started!